• Sarah Luiz

Happy Earth Day!

In these times of transformational change Ecovissa has been busy pressing the reset button and thinking of ways we can help build more momentum, to live more in harmony with nature.

We all have the power to choose how we contribute to the development of a more regenerative circular economy for the benefit of people, profit, and our planet.

And a Happy Earth starts with all of us individually making the right choices to be happy!

So alongside launching a shiny new website, we have created a model to guide us in every decision we make, as we continue to expand our eco product range with more categories, including eco waste systems, and fibre-based packaging solutions.

Ecovissa 2020

This follows the Japanese Ikigai model which is claimed by many to be the secret for how we can all live long, happy and fulfilling lives. So along with us, why don’t you try this?

For more information on Ikigai follow this link

Photo by Tianshu Liu on Unsplash

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