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‘I Hate Waste!’ By guest 'Greenheart' blogger Chris Dews

Actualizado: 13 de abr de 2020

Ecovissa is working closely with Greenheart Ibiza to build a circular economy and a sustainable framework for eco-tourism. It all started when we began addressing the big issue of 'waste' and the devastating impact that our current production activities are having on the health of us humans, and the Planet. So it feels very positive that we are now putting into action some initiatives to help nurture healthier interconnected ecosystems.

Here's what Chris Dews has to say about Waste...

Since being a very small child, I have always viewed what we call ‘waste’, or 'garbage', is an untrue description of what we throw away, since there is no such thing in the natural world.

Nature, with all its supreme intelligence, doesn’t allow anything to go to waste. Everything that is produced by living organisms, is used up by other organisms to support their chosen lifestyle.

Human beings however, as we’ve developed our so called ‘civilisations’, have made the production of ‘waste’ a big part of our evolution and we are only now beginning to see the error of our actions, as mountains of materials are carelessly thrown into our natural environment, where they are not able to be used up by anything, causing a lot of damage to the fragile ecosystems we have come to rely on to make our world function.

So, what can we do to ‘stop the rot’, reverse the process, and make good use of all this discarded material, which isn’t really ‘waste’ at all, but merely useful stuff in the wrong place?

If we stop for just a moment and study nature which is all around us, we can see very quickly that there is a circular movement of materials, serving each organism that is present in the system, in a seemingly endless pattern of life, which simply goes round and round.

We can call it a ‘Circular Economy’, to use a modern term we hope to see more of, and we can also begin to adopt new methods of ensuring that everything we manufacture is reusable or at least recyclable, so that we end up throwing nothing away and therefore eliminate this thing called ‘Waste’ from our lifestyle.

This is why Greenheart Ibiza is partnering with Ecovissa on it's mission to offer quality sustainable alternatives to clothing, amenities, catering, household and consumable items - products that are biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic to avoid disrupting the natural cycle that is required by nature for all beings to thrive.

Considering that around 80% of the buildings and other installations at the Casita Verde model ecology centre in Ibiza are made from reused or recycled materials which have been discarded by others, I guess we have successfully demonstrated that this process is within reach of everyone, and to build our lives around this ethos is actually extremely rewarding!

Personally, I believe that now is the time more than ever for a ‘Circular Economy’ to take shape and I hope that very soon, with the encouragement of us eco warriors, and the creativity and mechanics of Ecovissa - that thing we call ‘waste’ will be something from our history and no longer present in our future!

For more information about the Greenheart movement in Ibiza, visit: www.greenheartibizaevents.com

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